The PHP Development Environment


You write the PHP code in any editor and save it as .php file.Than this page is requested through a webserver software
such as apache.This webserver software than calls the php interpreter to process this .php file for us and dislay it on
browser unlike the static html pages which just requires a browser to show its data.
Now the problem is that setting up this environment is not so easy you have to go through the following processes.
1.Download and intall Apache.
2.Download and intall PHP and also configure it with Apache.
3.Download and install MySQL database management system.
Alternatively and recommendedly just go to this url and install wamp server which is a simple arrangement for all
these tools and its installation is fairly simple.

what is php?

php is an open-source scripting language which makes your static webpage a dynamic one. Static webpages remain unchanged while
dynamic webpages are changed in real time according to the data they received from a user.
To learn php you have to setup your computer as a webserver

What is a webserver?

A webserver is nothing but a computer with a server software such as apache or IIS installed.A webserver software
enables a computer to host webpages.Apache is mostly used with php and it is also free.

What is MySQL?

MySQL is a free to use open source Database management system which is used with PHP to make the environment more powerful
and database oriented.MySQL is a DBMS which is interacted through command line but it is complicated and to avoid this
complication a tool called phpMyAdmin is here. phpMyAdmin is also free and open-source, it is a visual tool which is installed
on most web servers with PHP and MySQL environment.



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